Create a simple, low budget mailer to promote Monarch's new ski season.

To bring the thrill and excitement of skiing to life, Monarch needed something that
leapt off the page and grabbed peoples attention. So, that's exactly what we did.

I created The Monarch Mountain - A cutting-edge augmented reality experience
that transported readers from the printed page to the best slopes in Europe.

Partnering with Blippar, Monarch created a 360° interactive mountain that grew from the
pages of the mailer - allowing readers to explore the resorts, watch tips & tricks from
Olympic athlete Chemmy Alcott and book flights directly through the experience.

The campaign wasn't just a hit with skiers, judges seemed to enjoy it as well:

2018 - DMA - Hall of fame
2014 - MAA Best Award - Gold
2014 - The Drum Awards - Gold
2014 - The Travel Marketing Awards - Gold
2013 - Campaign Annual - Best of the year
2013 - DMA - Grand Prix
2013 - DMA - Gold

With an ROI of 13:1 and a 12.9% response to sale, this was Monarch’s best performing
Direct campaign to date.

Creative Lead - Concept, Art & UX.

Campaign press clippings copy copy.jpg


Exceed sales from last years award-winning direct campaign.

Last year Monarch brought the mountain to readers via AR.
So this time, I set out to bring readers to the mountain.

Using bleeding-edge technologies, I created The Virtual Mountain - An in-browser,
360° interactive, VR photosphere, that placed you on the side of a real mountain.
From here, readers could explore the slopes, learn from skiing tutorials, play with the
weather, read up on resorts and book a holiday directly through the experience.

But Monarch weren't finished here.
They wanted to see how much further they could push emerging technology and bring
even more people to the mountain.

So, at the UK Ski Exhibition, I unveiled the UK's first interactive Oculus VR experience.
Hacking together bleeding edge technology and gaming peripherals, we allowed
attendees to ski down the slopes of Méribel, France.

For the second year in a row, skiers and judges loved the campaign, awarding
The Virtual Mountain a host of industry awards. 

2015 - Travel Marketing Awards - Gold X2
2015 - Travel Marketing Awards - Silver
2014 - MAA Best Award - Merit X2
2014 - DXA - Finalist

By generating £1.8M incremental revenue at an ROI of 14:1 and having 17% of those targeted
book a trip, this became Monarchs best performing Direct campaign of all time.

Creative Director.