Duplo Stories

Proactive Brief:
Play is fundamental to a child’s development. 
But parents feel overwhelming pressure to be creative and entertaining around their kids.
This can be so off-putting for them that they stop playing all together.

Lego Duplo set out to get adults playing with their kids again - providing them with some
structured, creative playtime.

Duplo Stories - an interactive storytelling experience for Alexa.

The skill allows parents to follow an interactive narrative with audio prompts that guide
physical play - helping parents and kids build things as they move through the story.

Duplo Stories covers ten themes, working with new and existing Duplo sets.
Each theme has been designed to help young children learn about roleplaying, colour,
choosing directions, and identifying characters.

Duplo Stories and play-sets are available now in the US and UK.

The Verge / Mashable / Engadget / Cnet / Gizmodo / Pocket-lint

Creative Director.

Creative - Tim King.
Creative Technologist - 
Beth Allchurch.

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