Proactive Brief:
Cadbury had a problem - people were only buying their favourite bar of Dairy Milk, ignoring the rest of the flavours.

To get them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, I turned to science.

Using 'Sonic Seasoning', I helped compose an album of music that altered the flavours of the chocolate, letting people
taste the entire range of Dairy Milk from just a single bar.

To create the mind altering music, Cadbury partnered with the London Contemporary Orchestra and the
neuro-marketing agency Mindlab, combining the personality of each flavour with the science behind Sonic Seasoning.

The finished album was released on Spotify and launched at a sell-out multi-sensory LIVE event in central London.

To continue the conversation on social, Cadbury launched a microsite that let everyone record and share their own
unique flavoured music.

The Metro / The Mirror / Campaign / Female First

Creative Director.

Cadbury - Spotify 1.jpg